5 Things to Know Before Your Big Move to San Diego


Let us ask you a question. If you had to move right now, what would you miss about where you live? Would it be your family? Your friends? Your favorite neighborhood hangout? The Thai restaurant that has your order memorized? Maybe it’s the park around the corner that you walk your pup to most evenings.

If you really think about it, I bet the list will get pretty long. But those answers are important to us. Whether we are representing a seller relocating outside of San Diego or a buyer about to move to San Diego, we want to help our clients connect with the community they are moving to. Currently we’re representing clients from all over the United States including: Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Utah, Washington, not to mention the clients moving from various parts of California and internationally. While San Diego supports a wide range of lifestyles, it’s important to do your research before you make the leap.

  1. Do you have a job lined up? Not all of us can be financially independent but having a job waiting for you at your destination is important if you’re planning on purchasing a home there. This can also be tricky for securing a rental. In San Diego, most landlords are going to perform employment verification and may impose a minimum income required. However if purchasing, most lenders can rely on an official offer letter to put together a pre-approval.
  2. Are schools important? If so, zeroing in on neighborhoods that support your children’s educational needs as well as your family’s lifestyle s going to be at the heart of your search. Even if you intend to rent for a while before purchasing, it’s helpful to make sure you are relocating to a neighborhood that will support you long term, otherwise you’ll be moving your children to another school district once you decide to purchase a home. So make sure you also look at average real estate prices when you’re looking at rental homes that way you can estimate whether you’ll be able to afford your new neighborhood down the road.
  3. Location. Location. Location. In San Diego, you pay a premium for location. Homes in San Diego are going to be substantially smaller for the price tag than a good portion of the the country. This may mean substantial downsizing. The good news is that our amazing weather allows you to take advantage of the outdoor activities our county has to offer.
  4. Know the creepy crawlers. We also suffer from wood destroying pests like termites and while they should be kept in check; you shouldn’t be surprised to find termite damage come up on your inspection reports. If you are considering more rural areas, east county neighborhoods, or houses situated near our numerous canyons, know that rattle snakes, opossums, scorpions, black widows, and a number of other critters who are native San Diegans.
  5. Private transportation dominates. Unlike most metropolitan cities, San Diego doesn’t have substantial mass-transit. Yes, we have a trolley line that runs from Downtown train across to La Mesa, El Cajon, and down to the border but that doesn’t include the coastline or other central areas of San Diego. While there is a bus system plus Lyft and Uber which are increasingly more popular, most residents find it necessary to own a private vehicle for their commute. Average commute is about 25 minutes.

We’re here to help support your real estate goals where ever those dreams take you. Don’t hesitate to ask us your unanswered real estate questions.