just a little desperate

Sometimes life sneaks up on you so fast and so quietly you just know something is wrong but you can't quite put your finger on what it is.  Maybe it's PMS, maybe it's love, maybe it's the fact that I haven't cleaned out my closet in six months and all my outfits are no longer turning me on.  I don't know, but something is up and it's getting on my nerves.  I have a laundry list of things I need...

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just a little sweet and not at all sugary

I was kindly introduced by a fellow blogger to a wonderful and innovative literary journal--clears throat--rather a 'literary confection' called Sweet.  They welcome established and emerging writers of both poetry and non-fiction for submissions.  Myself, having turned away from poetry in the early stages of my undergraduate, embraces the creative non-fiction aspect of the site's endeavor.  The ingenious part is that the creator's passion for writing and good reads can be equated to their desire for good chocolate. It is said best...

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brownies – a completely acceptable breakfast

This is the second time I have discussed breakfast as well as throw my mother under the bus as a sugar-pusher, but I'm going to tell my little story anyway.  I've woken up several times this past week craving something chocolaty (no big surprise there) at five in the morning.  I've been a good girl and haven't acted upon it.  I get ready for the gym and pick out my clothes for work and head out for a good cardio session. ...

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juste un petit morceau de cinéma

It was a bit drizzly out last night; perfect whether for snuggling up for a movie.  I put on Chocolat.  I've seen it a dozen of times, but the fairytale story and it is just too precious and of course as indicated by the title it includes my favorite ingredient.  For everyone who hasn't seen it, it is based in a small French town and a lovely independent wanderer and her daughter come to show them that tranquilité isn't always the...

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food is the best outside – the hopeful start of a tradition

Living in such a warm and friendly city, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a meal outside whether it be an entire feast or a cup of tea.  It's my hope that I try to do this more often especially as the sun continues to burn off those lingering clouds. From the start, I was having a shitty day.  The foulness of the day before had managed to run fluidly through my sleep to remind me upon waking that...

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