just a little refreshment

It's Memorial Day.  Many, including myself, rejoice and give gratitude for this day away from the office, subconsciously recognizing it as the kick off to a summer, hopefully greater than the last.  San Diego is warming up despite the sing-song "May gray; June gloom" pessimism.  Stretched-out beach cruisers bump along the boardwalk and sun-kissed bodies tote boards of all varieties and sizes toward the shoreline.   Yet all these simple pleasures of dog walking, volleyball, cold beers, ripening fruit, and earning...

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just a little frozen yogurt–or a lot; we’re not judging here

I know it sounds a bit trendy--going to one of many self-serve yogurt places with fruitastic names or Utopian titles and believing that 34 cents an ounce for fro-yo is completely acceptable--but there's many reasons one could reach out for the chilly treat.  In comparison to it's denser and decadent counterpart (ice cream), one can convince his or her self that it is a nearly guilt-free delight and if one chooses the fruit flavors it actually goes toward your daily...

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just a little more Ovaltine please!

Growing up I was a bit shy to disclose my affinity for Ovaltine.  My favorite flavor is Chocolate Malt.  I'm not sure why I was shy about it although I was shy about a lot of things.  Perhaps because  instead of coming premade in a snazzy yellow bottle  or pouring out in a beautiful chocolate syrupy ribbon, Ovaltine came in a dark brown glass jar resembling a large vitamin bottle.  Perhaps it was because the kids at school didn't carry it around and...

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just a little piece of chocolate

I have confirmed over and over again how powerful a little piece of chocolate can be on someone's spirits.  Hands down, chocolate is a woman's heroin, however I find myself extremely attracted to a man who can share in my addiction.  Equally so, I find myself questioning my ability to be friends with a woman who clearly states, "I hate chocolate."  Some bump heads over politics, sex, and what to do on a Saturday night.  I have trouble overcoming someone's...

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