We're launching a new video series to help you get to know San Diego and we're asking for your help. Whether you are brand new to San Diego or thinking of relocating you may not know what neighborhood is right for you which is where #tourtuesday comes in. This year, we'll be taking you on a tour of different areas of San Diego exploring homes for sale, places to eat, and where to hang out.  Here are the steps to...

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just a little April

April was splendidly busy with plenty of work in both real estate and writing. There were also days of plentiful eating to the point that I really need to consider that bikini season is already in bloom in San Diego. In fact yesterday and today have been blustery with Santa Ana winds and beautifully blue skies. Buona Forchetta is still our go-to outdoor eatery even now that we've moved out of Downtown. I've become determined to order of the Specials menu...

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just a little B at the B

It has been quite a while since the last time we did breakfast at the beach.  Not sure why the summer months are the only time I start remembering this little tradition but each time it happens, I'm giddy and I can't smell the salt air fast enough. Last week was hectic. Long hours, long days, a long week.  The free time I did have I wanted to make sure that there was something to look forward to taking up...

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