just a little Easter getaway

(Yay, I have my cpu back!)  Thanks to my lovely, stubborn, and pig-headed cousin (those are terms of endearment) and his even more wonderful fiancée, my mother's family escaped to Lake Arrowhead for the holiday weekend.  I hadn't been there since I was eleven or twelve so it was a long overdue reunion. The getaway came  at the perfect time, right after a chaotic week and what better to do than to sit around eat and celebrate.  Surprisingly, in a...

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just a little weekend in los angeles part 2

I'm astonished that I am only getting to part 2 of my weekend trip to Los Angeles now.  The second day spent in Los Angeles started out in Chinatown where my S.O. (significant other) was hoping to find baby tortoises not turtles.  Why?  No idea really except that he was pretty sure that I would think they were cute.  We didn't find any baby tortoises but I did buy some sparklers and pop-pops (this is what I'm naming them). We...

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just a little weekend in los angeles part 1

Feeling the need to get away, I took Friday off a few weekends ago and the boy and I went for a drive up to our neighboring Los Angeles.  A few stops were planned out; the first being the J. Paul Getty Museum and then Chinatown.  I packed one overnight bag and even managed to make the executive decision to leave my flat-iron at home.  The weather was cold and rainy and I really didn't care for once.  The travertine walls of the museum...

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