just a little more Ovaltine please!

Growing up I was a bit shy to disclose my affinity for Ovaltine.  My favorite flavor is Chocolate Malt.  I'm not sure why I was shy about it although I was shy about a lot of things.  Perhaps because  instead of coming premade in a snazzy yellow bottle  or pouring out in a beautiful chocolate syrupy ribbon, Ovaltine came in a dark brown glass jar resembling a large vitamin bottle.  Perhaps it was because the kids at school didn't carry it around and...

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just a little piece of chocolate

I have confirmed over and over again how powerful a little piece of chocolate can be on someone's spirits.  Hands down, chocolate is a woman's heroin, however I find myself extremely attracted to a man who can share in my addiction.  Equally so, I find myself questioning my ability to be friends with a woman who clearly states, "I hate chocolate."  Some bump heads over politics, sex, and what to do on a Saturday night.  I have trouble overcoming someone's...

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