just a little sea salt and caramel

The title of this post is just a little misleading (pun intended?) but perhaps by the time you're finished reading you won't feel jipped out of a salted caramel recipe.  Although now that I think about it, those sound pretty tasty right now.  This week I haven't been doing as much cooking as I typically enjoy.  Partially due to recent inefficient grocery shopping but mostly because I've been tired and lazy.  However, here are a couple of edible gems that occurred over the past couple weeks...

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just a little lox bagel redone

Recently I spent breakfast at Influx Café in Little Italy, a modern stop for coffee, croissant and bagel sandwiches, and a bit more. Adorable succulents adorn the minimalist tables and chai is served in large white coffee mugs.  Sitting out on the small patio nibbling on a bit of carbohydrate was enough for me to envision that it wasn't a weekday and that I didn't have to go to work.  I ordered the Traditional (lox bagel) and the BCT.  Despite my love for salmon, the BCT is surely my favorite. ...

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just a little new year

I have to admit that I was in before midnight, while most people were at the very least sipping champagne.  My parents and my boyfriend and I had a delicious meal at Salvatore's in Downtown San Diego.  As always, my dad came toting an excellent bottle of wine.  Lentil soup, lobster and endive salad, lamb chops, and of course a slice of chocolate cake Food coma before I even reached the car!

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