just a little piece of chocolate

I have confirmed over and over again how powerful a little piece of chocolate can be on someone’s spirits.  Hands down, chocolate is a woman’s heroin, however I find myself extremely attracted to a man who can share in my addiction.  Equally so, I find myself questioning my ability to be friends with a woman who clearly states, “I hate chocolate.”  Some bump heads over politics, sex, and what to do on a Saturday night.  I have trouble overcoming someone’s distaste for the godly food.  I have even been tempted to ask (but never have) “Do you not like happiness?  Sex?  Strong hair and nails?”

Chocolate accomplishes all these things–from what I have learned.  Come three o’clock at the office, my coworkers teeter down the hall to end at my desk and ask sweetly, “Do you have any chocolate?”  With the flair fit for a fairy godmother, I pull open my magic drawer and produce a small, foil wrapped piece of dark chocolate.  The Hershey man was right; there never fails to be a smile on their face once I hand them the treat.

Chocolate has become so synonymous with happiness, joy, and delicious pleasure in my life that when I find my way heading home and tell my significant other that I am craving something Rich and Sweet, he’s not quite sure which treat I’m longing for.  Luckily for me, he doesn’t see the need to choose one over the other and I get to have my cake and eat it too. 

Chocolate is an addiction I blame my mother for.  After preschool, we’d sit Indian style on the carpet with cold glasses of milk and pull apart a bag of chocolate chip cookies.  Dessert was the standard fourth meal of the day.  Even in high school when I was quick to tailor my feminine figure, I would find peanut butter cups, chocolate kisses, or a bite-sized candy bar at the bottom of my lunch sack.  I’ve nicknamed her a sugar-pusher and now I am the office chocolate dealer.  Like mother like daughter? 

All I can say is that I have never regretted having another piece of chocolate.