Every day is a ferocious fight to pursue my passions: love of writing and of course food (you remember the whole bull-fighting thing).  Of course some days are more ferocious than others, but I try my best to be child-like and full of dreams to keep myself young and yet still maintain a sense of realism when it comes to paying the bills and smart investing.  I certainly don’t want to talk about those things right now either; it always reminds me of Le Petit Prince when the narrator shows the grown-ups a picture of his boa constrictor to determine the type of conversation to begin.  Today, I have a bit of personal news and I’m not sure anyone has noticed a new addition to my blogroll. 

  Francis Bacon's BullfightIn conjunction with my blog here on WordPress, I will also be writing for Examiner.com specifically as their San Diego liaison for Dessert Restaurants.  The pic and the bio are the same and some postings in the future may seem rather familiar, but some will be completely new and in any case much more factual and informational rather than my potentially humorous musings.  Oh!  And if you take a peak, you even get to know my name!

More than just fiddling my own violin here, I thought I’d share the opportunity as it is nationwide and covers such a broad range of topics, someone is sure to find something they are passionate about and the opportunity to write about it!  Passion and knowledge is just what they want too.  Before I sound like a sales pitch (blame it on the day job-I’m a recruiter), check out http://www.examiner.com/refer if you’re interested and put Cassandra Altmann-13670 under Referral Details.

 You may not get paid a ton but it’s a good experience and if you’re blogging already, why not?  You can even use posts and articles that you have done on your blog or other publications as long as you own the rights.

Read all about it on San Diego Dessert Restaurant Examiner!