i’m wearing quite a few hats

HatsThese days I’m very fond of To-Do lists and checkmarks.  I have my To-Do Lists for work, home, life, and even weekends.  I have to say there is something to say about organization and sanity.  Between the 9/5 job and eating my way through San Diego’s Desserts, I am very proud of myself for fitting in some novel writing over the weekend. 

To celebrate and overcome the “Mondays” I treated myself to my mother’s banana nut bread which of course is riddled with chocolate and has so far sustained me through half of my day.  I am hoping I continue to be inspired and fit in some additional writing and focus on that this Thursday evening as that was my New Year’s Resolution.

Banana Nut Bread

Of course I try to be indulgent in other ways as well.  With the heat and humidity of San Diego’s summer, I am taking advantage of the community pool as much as I can during the week and sneaking out to the beach on the weekends.  There are so many fun events that are planned over the summer it’s hard to be productive.  Not to mention, moving fast to do anything means a nice sweat.  All in all, I hope everyone is having a nice summer and getting to enjoy life no matter how crammed your schedule is.