just a little B at the B

It has been quite a while since the last time we did breakfast at the beach.  Not sure why the summer months are the only time I start remembering this little tradition but each time it happens, I’m giddy and I can’t smell the salt air fast enough.

Last week was hectic. Long hours, long days, a long week.  The free time I did have I wanted to make sure that there was something to look forward to taking up that time.  Friday morning was breakfast at the beach time.  The day was overcast but the humidity made it plenty warm.

Charlie’s Best Bread was our first stop.  I nearly had a heart attack because the only buns left were ones that had nuts and raisins on them.  That isn’t what I was looking forward to but Charlie didn’t fail me and pulled a big roll out the back the size of a plate.  I also bought a chocolate chip scone of equal size and a loaf of their spinach feta bread to use for toast and sandwiches for the week.

Next stop was the Pacific Bean Coffee Company.  This is the kind of place that I absolutely love because their specialty is the mocha and they have many many many varieties.  Certainly can’t be the healthiest but I’m talking breakfast at the beach here–it’s supposed to be a treat!  My favorite being the Nutty Buddy but the Peanut Butter Cup is also delicious.  Who am I kidding?  They are all yummy!

I was all dressed for work so sitting in the sand this time wasn’t the best idea although I was very tempted to plop right down and hope no one noticed sand clinging to my hair.  Instead we were lucky to come upon a bench that was being vacated by previous occupants.  I quickly assembled our picnic.