just a little bite…of everything

Nuts about DoughDecisions, decisions.  My very lovely co-worker brought in doughnuts the other day and in an office dominated by the female persuasion, doughnuts incites ooos, ahhhs,  ohhh mys –basically the who repertoire of sounds that men only dream of being the cause of.

After perusing the possibilities, another co-worker of mine shared how she loves to just have a bite of her husband’s doughnut so that she can have a taste of more than one.  Her husband, on the other hand, gets a bit bummed out because a bite taken away means that he has 3/4 of a dougnut and not an entire one.

Personally, I’m a tapas and appetizer kind of girl just because I love trying different foods and when I go out with the boyfriend why not order two plates and split them?  Best of both worlds.

I suppose in the world of dougnuts this is where doughnut holes come in but not ALL doughnuts come that way and they are hardly as glamourous and the entire doughnut–girls do love rings! 🙂

Being very bright ladies with a taste for a little bit of everything, the best idea to handle a bright pink box of doughy goodness was to cut each one up into quarters so that we could try as many as our stomach would let us.

(I abstained from taking a photo of the plate at the end the day.)