just a little blueberries over my toastie

I have mentioned before how I love, love, LOVE the french toast at The Mission.  I have tasted plenty of french toasts and some of them are quite delicious, however nothing is quite as perfect as The Mission’s.  For the most part, it is all in the bread.  The bread is swirled with gooey cinnamon and sugar to the point that it puts most cinnamon rolls on the market to shame.  The bread is delicious all by its lonesome which is why if I am at The Mission on a weekday, I take advantage of the opportunity to buy a loaf for home.

This isn’t to discount The Mission’s egg mixture and prepartion because I still have not mastered my at-home variation.  Not that it isn’t DELICIOUS, it just isn’t PERFECT.

Egg Mixture:

~ 2 eggs for four big slices of bread

~ vanilla

~ more cinnamon

~ splash of milk

Mix it all up and pour into your dish to soak the bread.  I don’t typically soak my bread overnight.  It gets too soggy in my opinion.

So here I was with a loaf of cinnamon bread from The Mission and a bunch of blueberries.  I dislike using syrup when I’m making french toast with this bread.  It just doesn’t need it!  Fruit is much better.  Grab your small sauce pans!

Blueberry topping:

~ butter

~ blueberries

~ sugar

Melt the butter in the sauce pan and reduce heat if it starts to really bubble.  Add the blueberries and sugar (start with just a tablespoon or less) and make sure the heat is on low.  It will start to get syrupy and the sugar should be dissolved.  I don’t like mine very sweet or too sugary, so play with this as you like.  The skins of the blueberries will start peeling off and at that point or just before take it off the stove, you’re done.