just a little bourdain

Since moving to my Downtown San Diego studio, I have been living without cable television…not even basic…not even snow.  The reality is that I don’t really miss it at all.  My spare time is spent more productively and constructively: blogging, reading, writing, playing with my dog, cleaning (I hope that sounds like I’m spending my time doing something better than watching TV).  I don’t start longing for my tube until I want to flip on late night Food Network and watch my beloved Anthony Bourdain trek across the globe.  Hulu?  Nope, just excerpts and that’s more of a tease rather than un petit bouche.

The dream?  Trek through Indonesia with Anthony Bourdain and eat some legit nasi goreng.  Tony, do you hear me? 

So what have I been doing since I haven’t gotten a dose of my Bourdain?  Baking, check it out HERE I also squeezed in a horseback ride through Temecula wine country before starting my new job.  I used to ride horses when I was a girl and so since then I’ve always been a bit snobbish about going horseback riding at those touristy joints.  My mother, the mastermind behind the whole endeavor, assured me that this would not be the cranky horse slowly poking about. 

She was right.  My horse, Tonka (for some reason I’m thinking its a shorten version of Tatonka and not the toy trucks, but who knows), was well-behaved, understood my reins, my leg pressure, everything.  Here’s a picture before I lose your readership:

One brown eye, one blue.  Peppy and responsive…my kind of horse.  The ride was included another patron, the owner’s daughter, and myself.  Since we were the two most advanced riders of the group that had booked for the day, the daughter took is joy-riding through the vineyards of Wilson Creek Winery, galloping up and down the rows of grapes.  I could have gone for hours.

So as you can see, although Anthony has not paid me a visit in a while, I’ve been having some adventures of my own.