just a little filipino food

The title of this post is definitely an oxymoron and despite my attempts at not eating my weight at the Filipino-American picnic this weekend, I only managed to limit myself to half my weight–It’s just so good!  I have always been a fan of lumpia, something that had been seen at my own family’s family reunion as well as pancit and whatever awesome fried chicken with scallions and garlic…please someone tell me the legit name.

However, the picnic went way beyond three dishes: there was lechon (whole roasted pig), adobo, some kind of vegetable awesomeness, barbecue short ribs and skewers (I caught the chef spraying them down with a can of Coke–may have to try that trick), fresh mangoes, and so much more!  Sadly, I didn’t even get to taste it all!

I absolutely had to sneak a picture of the lechon.  I watched three people pull it out the back of their van as it lay in its cardboard cradle.  I was a little disappointed that there was no apple in its mouth but hey, I got to see its tongue instead. ;p  As the man took his cleaver to the crisp skin, I could hear the crackle as the white-pink meat was exposed.  It seemed a bit barbaric but I knew the results had to be delicious; the man seemed so pleased with it, dancing along to the music as he cleaved away at the animal-turned village meal.

I apologize after the fact if this offends any of my animal-loving-vegetarian-vegan readers.  So even after all the savory meats and salty foods, where’s dessert?  Some kind of pan was offered to me after a silly question, do you like cream cheese?  Yeah, I like cream cheese!  The offering came in a tangerine-sized sweet roll in the shape of a muffin but the consistency of a dinner roll.  Tucked inside was just enough cream cheese and the outside had been baked with just a little extra sugar on top.  Delicious.  My thought is that I want one every day with my coffee.

I couldn’t help but take a plate full of food and a baggy full of these little rolls home.