just a little food blogging

The significant lover and I recently had a stay-cation of sorts in Newport Beach (okay, so it wasn’t a stay-cation because we live in San Diego, but it was close enough).Crystal Cove

During our downtime, I had the opportunity to peruse several blog posts about food blogging in order to improve my blog including the photography.  I know I want to change it up a bit around here, as I’ve mentioned.  I have several ideas including theme changes, more engaging posts that go beyond the recipe, and better photographs.  In my research, there have been several posts that I’ve found very helpful and inspiring like:

I reread these and I get jazzed up again about my food blog right away but there’s just a few issues with how I food blog, the first being that I food blog for fun and not my day job which means:

  • I cook when I’m hangry and have zero patience to style anything; I just want it in my belly!
  • Since I’m not home for lunch and neither are the other members of my family, dinner is the biggest meal which means natural light is never available.
  • Where am I going to store a soft-box in this house AND have it readily available at dinner time?
  • My blog isn’t a business, it’s an outlet.
  • Props? I have dishes.

With so many successful food blogs, I’m coming to terms with the fact that my food blog may not have country-time cutlery next to mason jars of homemade preserves but it is practical and shows that even someone with a “traditional” occupation CAN cook every night for their family (as long as someone else is cleaning it up) and that’s something I’m proud of.  Ninety-nine percent of the time we are sitting down together to eat dinner with cloth napkins in our laps.  To the food bloggers that make it look so beautifully easy, keep it up!