just a little hair-did

Thursday has finally come and the reason for me being very relieved and excited is that I am going to my hairstylist.  FINALLY my bangs which I have not even been able to sneak in a trim on the weekends for, will be out of eyes without the help of a dastardly bobby pin.  Afterward, I will be prancing around like a little girl and maybe when I wake up on Friday morning I won’t feel so at a loss about what to wear.

Perfect timing as well to welcome my very good friend’s new baby girl to the world next week and then a well-overdue girls’ night the weekend after.  I’m becoming much more ‘girly’ as I get older but just don’t tell anyone.  I still like giving up some days and just sliding into jeans and a tank.  I can’t wait til summer when it will just be bathing suit after bathing suit.

I hope I can keep up the good mood!