just a little hot and cold

I’ve been eating, I promise!  It feels like it has been so long since I’ve written a post and really written creatively at all.  I’ve got a lot of excuses for it and they all amount to a necessary six month side project which has now found its pace in my life.  On top of that, just twenty-nine more days until I’m on a plane to Barcelona.  This will be my kick-off trip to start my life-long tradition of taking at least one big trip once a year.  My packing lists are complete for both outfits and toiletries.  There is even a short list of items left to buy in preparation.

In the meantime, San Diego is having some odd weather: cold sometimes, humid others, and split across the board.  That being said it has been difficult to determine what I’m in the mood for to eat.  A few weeks back I decided to try my hand at making gyoza soup.  This was a total experiment and poorly documented in terms of the ingredients that went in.  If you’re savvy on figuring out how to season it to your taste buds this shouldn’t be an issue.

What I remember of ingredients:

~ low sodium chicken stock

~ water

~ sliced baby carrots

~ scallions

~ chinese snow peas

~ half a bag of gyoza

~ freshly cracked pepper

~ little soy sauce

~ cayenne for heat

~ edamame with sea salt to hold you over until the soup is done

When it comes to eating out and even grocery shopping, I’ve found that I have developed a sort of food philosophy: if I can make it, why buy it?  Of course that raises the occasional debate over what will taste better or even what will save me more time, but there is still an inner struggle that I have.  If I make it, then I also know what is in it and what I’m eating and typically that leads me to be much healthier than the alternative.  With that being said, this also applies to junk food. 😀

Making homemade ice cream is actually quite simple.  So simple that I recently employed by darling to do it for me while I got us ready for dinner.  I showed him where to find the base recipe, how to chop up the chocolate chips, and gave him the executive decision on whether or not to throw in my secret ingredient.

 I didn’t make the chocolate fudge though.  I have gone the extra mile before to make homemade and quite amazing chocolate fudge sauce using Ghirardelli’s recipe.  Be warned that the recipe makes a lot so if you only wanted to make enough for two people in one sitting, you’d have to cut it considerably.

However, the best store-bought alternative I have found is Mrs. Richardson’s Chocolate Lover’s Hot Fudge.  It is dark, thick, and so ridiculously sinful that it makes romance in your mouth!  Heated, it drizzles beautifully yet firms up enough so that it sticks to the spoon and hangs on tight to each bite of cream.