just a little in my kitchen this November

October proved to be chaotic if not downright stressful.  I’m hoping that the faint glimmer of sunlight that I see isn’t a mirage and that we’ll soon be through it.  When it comes down to it, the sum of the positives outweigh the negatives right now but I have a nasty way of remembering less-proud moments when I’m going through this cycle.  As far back as an ignorant and angry comment made in high school to as recent as a bonehead, missed-opportunity with a potential client a week ago, I seem to swim through these moments when I’m already feeling beat up.  Any one else do that?  Seems pretty pointless and unproductive.

So in effort to turn around my perspective, I came home yesterday and tackled my fridge so that I may present to you today, my In My Kitchen post as pat of Fig and Lime Cordial’s monthly collaboration.

Fall is the season to be pumpkin crazy in San Diego and as a result, Be Wise Ranch has included pumpkins in the last two CSA boxes that I received totally to a healthy three globes of squash goodness.  Three pumpkins is a lot.  I gifted one to a friend and last night roasted this bad boy at 375 degrees for an hour alongside a spaghetti squash from the same farm.  This is a photo of it after the roasting.  The squash shrivel and sag and I let it sit overnight to cool off before cutting out the flesh.  I like roasting them whole so that it is steamed by its natural fluids.


I also had plenty of tomatoes from my last CSA box that I wanted to use up as they were approaching over-ripeness.  While the squash roasted, I cooked down eight or so bright and fleshy tomatoes of varying types with six roasted garlic cloves, 2 bay leaves, some thyme, a pinch of crushed chili peppers, salt and pepper for a bright sauce to use this week.

tomato sauce

We’ll also be sipping on these three home brews gifted to me by my neighbor with explicit instructions to open the bottles over the sink.  There’s some chemistry for you.


Talk to you all soon!