just a little in my kitchen this october

Today it is raining in San Diego and without the humid heat.  I’d love to say I am staying home today to enjoy the first fall rain with a cup of tea and a good book but I’ll be heading off to my open house soon and crossing my fingers that I meet some eager buyers who have decided to brave the rain.  But first, let me sit down with you and chat about what is in my kitchen and cooking this October.  I really do love participating and reading all the IMK posts inspired my Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

I’m showing off my first-attempt at pottery today.  A couple months back, a handful of girl friends and I made a date at Art Wheel School & Studio in Imperial Beach.  Conveniently enough, pottery wheel throwing was on all of our bucket lists and quite possibly as a result of Ghost being a hit while we were growing up.  The result was a whole lot sexy since I realized that the sides of your hands would undoubtedly build calluses over regular practice and I didn’t have a young Patrick Swayze straddled behind me.  Still fun though!

I also nabbed this little cutie off my dining table from a friend’s wedding.  It was too cute.  Yes, Luisa, it was ME who took it! 🙂


I’m also planning on making some guacamole even though it is fall, thanks to a generous home inspector who gave all parties a couple of nice avocados:


Since we’re on the subject of kitchens and real estate, the significant lover and I are also kicking around the idea of purchasing a house.  One house in particular and rather than get too hyped up about it, I will refrain from showing the awesome photos of the 100 year old Craftsman Bungalow.  But do keep the good vibes up because we really do love it.