just a little lamb burger

San Diego has its fair share of burger joints and I have my list of favorites:

  1. Hodad’s
  2. Slater’s 50/50
  3. Classics Malt Shop
  4. Neighborhood
  5. In & Out

There’s just something about a homemade burger though that makes me feel like something special is going to happen at dinner. My mom made beef burgers almost every week growing up and burger night wasn’t burger night without a chocolate chip malt. Even to this day, I don’t feel satisfied eating a burger without a malt. Now that I’m all growns up, I like to throw in homemade hamburgers  on the menu from time to time. The recipe always changes and this time I had some ground lamb available for grillin’.

lamb burger

The inspiration came from blog, A Girl Defloured’s (LOVE THAT NAME!) spicy lamb burger recipe found here. Believe it our not, I did tone down the paprika and chile powder a little because I really wanted to make sure that mint stood out but other than that, I really stuck to it. One interesting thing that I found out making lamb burgers is that the patties don’t seem to shrink at all which meant mine hung over the edges of the bun–no complaining here!

I stacked the patty on leafy greens and sliced fried leeks, sliced cucumbers (the crunch is a must!) and sliced tomatoes then smeared it with Alison’s cucumber sauce. Flavorful and surprisingly light, leaving plenty of room for that chocolate chip malt!