just a little list of favourite things

I haven’t listened to many Christmas carols/songs this year outside of the bustling malls and stores, but for whatever reason I was thinking about the song My Favorite Things.  (Maybe it was because I was thinking how I enjoyed the Wizard of Oz more than the Sound of Music growing up.)  The song used to play on a Christmas disc that my mother had although I don’t recall it being an all together Christmassy song. 

In any case, this morning I felt inspired to write a list, in no particular order, about things that were my favourites…or at least things that I like a whole, whole lot!

–  Finish reading a book in one day

–  Late night telephone conversations about nothing in particular

–  Walking Geneviève in the early morning sunlight

–  Listening to rain and knowing I don’t have to get up any time soon

–  Writing in cafés

–  Eating outside

–  Road trips

–  Soft, wet kisses

–  My chocolate chip cookie dough

–  Cinnamon in my coffee

–  Gooey cinnamon rolls

–  Walking on piers

–  Listening to little French children speak

–  A pen that writes well

–  New notebooks

–  Making someone laugh with me not at me

–  Old couples holding hands

–  Standing ovations

–  Fresh cut flowers

–  Cracking open whole crab

–  Sound of jets

–  Book stores

–  Burying my feet in the sand

–  Dark chocolate

–  Pretty notecards

–  New gym clothes

–  Blogging ;p