just a little lox bagel redone

Recently I spent breakfast at Influx Café in Little Italy, a modern stop for coffee, croissant and bagel sandwiches, and a bit more. Adorable succulents adorn the minimalist tables and chai is served in large white coffee mugs.  Sitting out on the small patio nibbling on a bit of carbohydrate was enough for me to envision that it wasn’t a weekday and that I didn’t have to go to work.  I ordered the Traditional (lox bagel) and the BCT.  Despite my love for salmon, the BCT is surely my favorite.  The Traditional was just that: cream cheese, lox, tomato, red onion, and capers.  The BCT was cream cheese, crispy bacon, and a thick slice of tomato.  The tricky thing about bagels (besides the fact that one shouldn’t eat them ALL the time) is that if I do feel like making it a bit fancy, going to buy lox hardly seems like a sound investment for little me (and don’t get me started about the capers).   However, the food fairies must have sent along my hopes and dreams of having finger-licking, frou-frou bagels because the next thing I knew, there was smoked salmon in my fridge from Costco!

The appearance of lox in my very own fridge prompted a quick trip to the grocery store for bagels.  Plain would just have to do.

~red onion thinly sliced

~thick slices of tomato

~marscapone cheese (had the fancy cheese on hand, so I said what the heck)

~crispy bacon pieces for the salt factor (and flavor)


 To be honest, I think I like mine the best!