just a little minty…not quite enough

The other day was a bit much.  I didn’t want to go to the gym for the second time.  I just wanted to go home and watch a movie and have something delicious.  So I did.  I invited the boyfriend over and we decided upon shakes and chips and salsa.  I’m not sure how my stomach held up with that combo but it did.

However, instead of my usual chocolate, chocolate chip shake.  We decided to mix it up and make it a chocolate chocolate mint-n-chip shake. Mint-N-ChipI toss in the chocolate chips into the blender and really make a big noise.  I swear it sounds like I’m grinding glass whenever I do this.  In goes way more than a serving size of ice cream–I use more or less half the carton of ice cream.  Pour in my Ovaltine for malty flavor and add a splash of non-fat milk (yeah, like that’s going to make a difference).  BLEND!!!

So it doesn’t keep it’s green color and I’m a little concerned.  I toss in more ice cream and BLEND!!!  I stop before using the whole half gallon or whatever size these ice cream cartons come in these days.

“Honey, can you reach the glasses?”

“As you wish.”

(This conversation doesn’t really happen, but I wanted to have my own Princess Bride moment there.)

But my chocolate-holic-ness had caused our shakes to have only a little minty taste.  🙁  Still tasted brilliant but next time I will have to have an easier hand when pouring in my trusty Ovaltine.  I think the boyfriend was a little disappointed by the lack of green.