just a little of everything in my kitchen

Look at me go!  Here I am with the second month in a row participating in the good Celia’s In My Kitchen monthly post.   While Celia is on the other side of the globe in Australia worrying about winter chills, I’m in San Diego where the weather is quite peculiar: balmy with a side of hot sun.   So what’s in my kitchen this July?  Lots of fruit.

The significant lover and I made a motorcycle trip up to Julian, a quaint historical town near Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and dipped into one of my favorite shops there, the Julian Cider Mill.  There are cellophane bag after cellophane bag of colorful candies, spicy nut mixes, chocolate dipped everything, on top of their wooden displays.  If you visit during the winter, their wood stove warms the entire room but no matter what the season, you can count on itty bitty cups of cider left out as samples.  Along the walls, you can find preserves, salsas, numerous kinds of honey, mustards, and spreads.  This last visit we took home Apple Cinnamon Jelly:

apple cinnamon


But just a handful of days later we were gifted with homemade cherry jam that is lip-smacking good too:


With the hot weather, I’ve been craving nibbles than meals which is why I decided to buy these sweet and savory crackers from Trader Joe’s to try alongside a good cheese spread:


I also have some deliciously sweet and tart blackberries from Be Wise Ranch that are perfect when I need a little pick-me-up:


So that is all for now and I look forward to finding out what is in your kitchen this month. To participate, visit Fig Jam & Lime Cordial .