just a little of everything in my kitchen

I’ve been following Celia at Fig and Lime Cordial since…probably since I started blogging and I love her monthly In My Kitchen posts. I’ve finally read directions and decided not to be such a virtual coward and participate!  She always has such fun stuff in her kitchen: chocolate molds, CHOCOLATE, fabulous bread, and cool gadgets and spices from all over.  All the things a foodie hopes to have in their kitchen, really.  On top of all her great recipes and recommendations, she takes readers on a trip through her life in Sydney, Australia.

Well this month, I think I have some fun stuff too.  The significant lover’s aunts returned from the Phillipines and in Monillas tradition, came back with suitcases (note the use of the plural form) full of tasty treats and gifts.

Take for instance the adobo spicy and garlic chichacorn.  Chichacorn puts the American corn nut variety to shame. These crunchy but not so much that you think you may crack a tooth.  I anticipate a quarrel when we approach the end of the last bag.


Then there’s the brownie crunch.  Imagine the near-burnt edges of a brownie in cracker form. Yeah, they’re that good.  I’ve just about killed them off already too.

brownie crunch

I’m still trying to figure out how to eat the salty, salty watermelon seeds.  Their texture is similar to that of a pumpkin seed but puffy around the edges.  Now, I always eat my pumpkin seeds whole–shell and all.  Anyone else?  The significant lover thinks this is somehow dangerous or disgusting, I’m not sure which, and he’s reinforced this idea by explaining to me that I’m not supposed to eat the watermelon seed shell.  I’m not convinced yet.  Proper watermelon seed consumption etiquette is welcomed.

watermelon seeds

Peanut butter brittle should also not be confused with peanut brittle.  Both equally delicious.

peanut butter brittle


In bright colored wrapping, are assorted pastillas, ube, and honey candy.  Nougat wrapped in sugar paper is eaten in its entirety which somehow makes it more fun.


On a rather odd rainy day, I made berry scones with one of my best girls.  When the sun came out, we decided we still had room for quesadillas and margaritas and headed to Old Town.  Good thing it got gloomy again because we ended up back on my couch in a food coma watching Dirty Dancing. That’s a good day.


Besides a mess and the occasional ant, that’s what’s in my kitchen for June.