just a little one fish, two fish

Tilapia…is AMAZING!  I had come across a blog post from An Edible Mosaic for Baked Fish with Crumb Topping a while ago and saved it but hadn’t actually picked up some fish to try it out.  Well, I finally did!  I chose to use tilapia because I know I enjoy tilapia. 🙂  I didn’t have parsley but I did have some basil lying around so I said what the heck.  I made one fatal error trying this recipe that I think would have made my attempt at it even more spectacular is that I didn’t directly season the fish before attacking it with panko crumbs.  Still, it was yum!

Not only did I try out a new recipe for the fish but I also tried my hand at red wine risotto.  Lots of stirring and lots of delicious aromas rising out of the pot!  In my quest to eat more vegetables, I decided to grill up halved baby bok choy on the Foreman.  Sea salt, freshly cracked pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.

For plating purposes, I served the fish on a leaf of romaine lettuce and topped with a slice of lemon for garnish (as the recipe recommended).  Against the green bok choy and creamy risotto, the dish proved to look quite rustic in my opinion

It was a truly yummy dinner and up until then I felt as though I hadn’t been spending enough time on preparing a well-balanced meal.  The entire meal was what I call clean.  I was still left with two untouched fish filets.  I wasn’t sure what recipe I would try next until it hit me like a freight train while I was at work the next morning: fish tacos!


~ sea salt

~ freshly cracked pepper

~ pinch or two of cayenne

~ juice from half a lemon

~ cup of plain greek yogurt

~ lemon juice

~ freshly cracked pepper

~ sea salt

~ cayenne (I put it in everything)

~ cumin

~ chili powder

All spices added to taste.

I got a bit photo-happy with my tacos but I was just so excited about the idea of my own fish taco night.  Rarely do I have green cabbage in my fridge so I felt it was a serendipitous idea!  Now if only I had made margaritas to go with…