just a little over-eating

This weekend was certainly one of gluttony and tummy aches, but on a positive not it was a weekend of fabulous food from home-cooked Italian to eye-stuffing buffet in the San Diego sun.  I found my new favorite breakfast place called The Cottage, where I will be hosting my very good girl friend’s baby shower.  Not only do I want to own this restaurant but the little “cottage” is so adorable that I long to live in it.  Next time, I promise pictures.

There were certainly moments where the thought of the gym scurried across my brain, however it was much too quick of a thought for me this weekend because I couldn’t catch up with it.  The most walking I managed to do was to take Geneviève up to the post office so I could mail the baby shower invitations and then when my cousin and I took her to the Cove and check out a classic car show.

It’s Monday; I’m a little sad that it is all over, but then again I need to get to the gym sometime.  This weekend will come.