just a little pasta inside some bread

I was very tempted to just leave this photo as my post.  The problem was is that this isn’t a photography blog…it’s a food one…and I have to explain how well this goes with a malt from The Malt Shop.

This was an evening where dessert came before dinner and when I arrived at Devine Pastabilities, I found out that the rumors were true…pasta as a sandwich.  You could tell this wasn’t somewhere you’d catch a lot of calorie counters but for someone who used to pile spaghetti in between two pieces of garlic bread, well this is THE joint. 

It was so good that I couldn’t get that upset after reading the inventor’s story painted on the wall.  Little Damien Devine supposedly invented this in the fourth grade, but I have to wonder how old Damien is now, because if he’s not older than me, we’ll have words.

No, I did not finish it.  It was rather depressing leaving the butt of the bread saturated in home-made marinara sauce still on the table, but like I said–I had a malt too!