just a little pepper addiction

I’ve never been big on jalapeño peppers, hatch green chilies work great in a recipe, but other than add spice to other dishes peppers aren’t often on the grocery list.  Since being a CSA member, I’ve fallen madly in love with the little twisted green peppers known as shishito peppers and their smoother doppelganger the padrón peppers.   My favorite way to cook these bite sized delights is in a cast iron skillet over relatively high heat so that they blister and soften.   If you have a well seasoned skillet you don’t even need add oil.  I labeled the ones below as padrón peppers but I’m second guessing even now because these two peppers look so much a like and I know grab either interchangeably.

padron peppers

Occasionally spicy however the real enjoyment comes out of the smoky, still crunchy, unexpectedly snackability of these little peppers.   Season with a little salt and pepper but that’s it.  These guys do best when seasoning is simple.  Eat alone, pair with creamy dip, aioli or even faux aioli, hummus maybe, or shove in a sandwich or omelet.