just a little preview

It is clear that I haven’t been on much…not even for the occasional comment, but I popped on just to say that there will be more to come.  I recently moved into my East Village Studio that I was sharing.  Who knew I had so much stuff???  The place is almost all painted.  I chose Mark Twain Ombra Gray which was only after the disaster of choosing Silver Threads…an utterly too cheerful gray when I was going for more rain cloud than overcast beach days.  I have to say although I usually get some raised eyebrows when I tell people my color choice, it looks quite sharp and sexy next to the dark wood Ikea furniture I procured.  I just might have a downtown-style more than I thought.

As for the neighborhood, it is far less than classy, but walking distance to the ballpark and for fun I can count how many times I see a patrol car or ambulance race in my general direction.  I am flanked by homeless people but one in particular who nestles just past the corner is a friendly man who I have made it a habit to say good morning during Geneviève’s walk. 

She also seems to be getting along well here.  She likes that she can easily look out the window at the happenings below.  She’d rather not have to deal with the elevator but she’s working on her fear like a champ. 

Once I get my kitchen-wares situated I can start baking again.