just a little snooze button

Is your mouth watering yet?  From Denver, CO, Snooze has hit the Hillcrest scene and my belly with a big ol’ YUMMMMY!  For one, I love the decor and the use of my favorite ORANGE.  Despite the wait being an hour+, it is all worth it.  The ambiance has you believing that Rosie from The Jetsons just might roll up with your pancakes and although you’re disappointed that she doesn’t, the staff is terrifically friendly, laid-back, and ready to brainstorm with you about breakfast options.

This is where it becomes one of my favorite breakfast places.  The biggest dilemma I have when eating breakfast is sweet vs. savoury.  Snooze let’s you have it all with the option of half orders of entrees so you can have your cake and eggs without sacrifice.  The benedicts are amazing served alongide crispy and tender hashbrowns.  Pancakes are of a gourmet nature with varieties like red velvet, pineapple upside down, etc.  French toast gets kicked up a notch with cinnamon gooeyness that would make a cinnamon roll cry in shame.

Bottom line: GO!

In other news, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day but you knew that already.  What you didn’t know is that I baked my darling my very first banana bread for the occasion.  Frankly, I believe bananas were created for the purpose of making banana bread.  When searching for a recipe, I realized that everyone on this planet is positive that their mother or grandmother (including my boyfriend) makes the best banana bread.  Now, that just can’t be true.  I’m not going to claim that my banana bread recipe is the best namely because it isn’t MY recipe nor my mother’s BUT when I asked my boyfriend whether it was better than his mother’s, he replied, “It was really good babe.  I’m gonna need a taste test” I considered that a big success.  So what recipe did I use?  I can hardly believe it myself but I used a recipe from Betty Crocker!  After perusing several, I decided Betty just might know what she’s doing here and I randomly had buttermilk in my fridge so I said, “Let’s do it, Betty!”

I skipped the nuts OF COURSE, used unsalted butter, and added a bit of cinnamon.  I also had bought an adorable heart shaped mold from Target for $2 so that I could make perfect-sized portions for him to take to work or school.  🙂  The result is quite romantic:

What can I say? I spoil him. <3