just a little something to be excited about

Okay, this isn’t going to be something for you (readers) to get all amped up about unless you’re very sympathetic people.  This weekend I managed to look at another itty bitty studio in the East Village are of Downtown San Diego.  It’s a little more than I wanted to pay for 530 sq ft but there are some utilities included as well as my very own washer/dryer (that means no unnecessary visits to the parents’) and secured parking.  Security is important in East Village where many transients and homeless individuals…well, call home.  While walking back to the car Friday morning from my looksie at the place, one gentleman asked me for the time.  I thought to myself, this wouldn’t be so bad…guinea pigs for my baking and I won’t get any fatter!  So, I’m waiting to see what the agreement looks like and cross my fingers I’m not making a bad decision and embrace a little risk.  Believe me, I am having a harder time finding and pulling the trigger on a place to rent than I did buying my investment property.

Additionally, I did fit in some baking for Easter.  Instead of making cake I made mini-carrot-cupcakes, which I’m going to just say were a pain.  Without a food-processor (that worked) to get the carrots to the finely chopped consistency I was looking for, I was quickly annoyed.  So annoyed that prolonging the process to take pictures of any of it was out of the question.  I made cream cheese frosting with a light tangerine undertone and then rolled the tops in chopped nuts. 

On another note, my work week is cut short for the third time in a row for a Vegas trip for a wedding.  Unfortunately, Elvis isn’t attending this one but it’s going to be plenty fun any way and for once I get to act my age.