just a little SommCon Recap

So I am super behind on sharing this post.  It’s embarrassing but better late than never? (That’s an intentional question mark; feel my skepticism.) On top of wanting to share with you my week of feeling like a wine aficionado, I’ve been dying to do a post dedicated to the significant lover’s and my home purchase and all the fun (and time consuming) projects we’ve decided to take on as a result of buying the house. All in due time. But first, wine.

Wine tasting

San Diego recently (not so recently now) hosted SommCon, a four day Sommelier Conference targeting industry professionals and serious wine enthusiasts…and apparently targeting me as well, because it was fascinating! The week offers panel discussions from understanding the expression of terroir (Terror? No, terroir, it’s french for the unique combination of geographical, environmental, and climate variables contained within a specific soil that aid in the manifestation of a crop’s gene) to full certifications for wine educators.

SommCon Panel

Not all of the classes are available to the general public but the ones that are do still provide and elevated opportunity to learn about the science and magic of wine making from the industry’s elite. One can learn how to detect the technical defects expressed in a wine as a result of an inconsistency or instability. Sustainability, cork, pairings, you name it, it’s discussed and dissected on a level you most likely have not had the opportunity to dive into yet.

The talk of the town is that SommCon will be back to San Diego this fall, running concurrently with the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival. While wine is still in the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival’s name, SommCon is an upgrade for anyone looking to focus on the grape and business behind the wine in their glass.  San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival still pours and still serves amazing eats from San Diego’s best:

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