just a little stuck

I’m officially a WordPress.org blogger now.  I say this as if I know what it means or perhaps the fact that I’m saying it to you all, you realize I have no clue what I’m talking about. Usually, when I blog there’s a recipe and maybe an anecdote or just a smattering of food porn from my week’s indiscretions. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to get out of this blog personally and ideally what I would like it to look, feel, sound, even smell like.

I’ve been taking photo walks with a rather generous friend the past month or so and just maybe I’ll get the hang of this photography part of blogging sometime soon.  I definitely know I want good photos because even my boyfriend will stay clear of recipes and cookbooks that don’t have photos of the food.  This is also a reminder for me to actually TAKE a photo of the food that I make because some of my best recipes go undocumented because I’m too damn hungry to grab the camera and take a decent photo.  I want to eat already!

I also want to be engaging which is an issue resting on my English degree laurels. I love to write so I’m going to make it a point to write my posts before tackling Lightroom. I’m also gonna stop being a baby and try out some of those “fun” foodie blogger contests so that I’m not always doing the same old thing and getting creative both here at Just A Little Piece as well as in the kitchen.

What I’d love to happen is hear what my fellow food bloggers and readers like to do to keep it interesting in the kitchen and on the page. What are your favorite blogs? Websites? Recipe resources?

For me I love FoodGawker.com where I can get all my favorite bloggers in one shot like Edible Mosaic.  Great blog!  Food52 is just so classy.

I’m looking for inspiration out from all of you. Let me know what your favorite foodie or food blogger finds are out there and help me get unstuck.