just a little support

It has been a few years since my first introduction to author, career coach, and mom, Debra Shigley.  My introduction was facilitated by way of my favorite received gift–a book–given to me by a dear girl friend.  The book was Debra Shigley’s The Go-Getter Girl’s Guide: Get What You Want in Work and Life (and Look Great While You’re at It).  When you look at the cover, the illustration looks like me on a good day.  After reading and enjoying my very first self-help book, I contacted Ms. Shigley, thanking her and asking for some advice which ended up launching a three-month blogging project that I am ever grateful for.

Since then, she has welcomed two beautiful children into this world and now has some new professional news of her own that I wanted to share with my blog-sphere of foodies.  She has decided to launch a web-cooking show (where does this woman find the time?) focused on helping busy parents and professionals create healthy meals with speedy meal preparation.  Shigley has just unveiled the trailer for her web show, aptly named Deb’s Kitchen.  Take a look and share your thoughts!