just a little sweet and not at all sugary

I was kindly introduced by a fellow blogger to a wonderful and innovative literary journal–clears throat–rather a ‘literary confection’ called Sweet.  They welcome established and emerging writers of both poetry and non-fiction for submissions.  Myself, having turned away from poetry in the early stages of my undergraduate, embraces the creative non-fiction aspect of the site’s endeavor.  The ingenious part is that the creator’s passion for writing and good reads can be equated to their desire for good chocolate.

It is said best in their About Us:

“We like poetry like we like chocolate. We like creative nonfiction like we like marshmallows and graham crackers. Both are great separately and together. Sweetwants to cater to the chocolate aficionados and those who like their s’mores good and gooey.”

I suggest next time you have a free moment to nibble on a tantalizing dessert and digest a good read to check it out.