just a little underland…err wonderland?

Last  Sunday in order to show my pup just how much I love her and I really DO want to spend ALL my time with her, we took a little on foot excursion to Balboa Park.  The trek is about a half hour away from my studio in East Village.  The weather was bright but cool and the night previously I had been watching the recent version of Alice in Wonderland and had an itch to look at roses.  White roses are my favorite.

It amazes me every time I take her out about the town what a socialite she is.  All walks of life want to pet her and know her story.  I believe more people know about her than me…I like it that way.  Some crazy person gave her up for the silly reason that she was a terrible guard dog.  Well, I suppose if that is what you were looking for, then yes, she is.  But dogs are like people and shouldn’t be made to be something they’re not.