not just a little dessert

Sans the ice cream cakeNow if you think this picture looks absolutely, ridiculously delicious, then you should have seen the ice cream cake that I ate too fast to take a picture of.

A very lovely friend of mine, who totes the responsibility of being my muse for many of my writing projects, has fled the West Coast on course for D.C.  He packed up his belongings in his car after several weeks of dwindling down all the personal periphinalia that one collects in life; selling, trading, giving away, down to tossing into the trash.  Very courageous if you ask me.  He is very much a worldly character – half Aussie, half Irish and downright nomadic.

He always manages to find his way in life and be true to himself and I can say that I’m envious of someone with such a success rate at it.  On top of his taste in music, photographic enthusiasm, and hesitence towards the idea of Love, he sure does know how to throw a party.

His parents opened up their yard to the constant drip of twenty-somethings that my dear friend had collected on the West Coast.  Many brought dishes to share from homemade hummus to Korean BBQ, but the palate was already salivating with Rogue Hazelnut beer and white bean chili.  Plumerias and orchids perfumed the yard and I was happy  to be in a sundress well into the evening.

If I wasn’t already stuffed I had to have some dessert (shown above) which I shared (for your information).  I couldn’t go without satisfying my sweet tooth.  However, without evening knowing, one of my favorite desserts – ice cream cake was still waiting to be revealed from the freezer!

In addition to my muse’s other creative talents, apparently his years at Ben & Jerry’s in high school taught him how to make a bitchin’ ice cream cake.  Two kinds – chocolate raspberry and chocolate peanut butter.  I’m not even sure I can get into the details about them (yes, I had both) because I’m going to start drooling and then I might cry because I don’t know when I’ll ever have that deliciousness again.  Talk about Chocolategasm.  He assured me that they were relatively easy to make, simply a bit time consuming since you did a layer of brownie, a layer of ice cream, set, a layer of brownie, a layer of filling, set, more brownie and ice cream and FREEZE!  He had to thaw them out prior to even being able to cut. 

A good memory to add to many.