Kick off your 2018 with this intensive Live Your Dream workshop

From artists to entrepreneurs, from CEOs to homemakers, journaling has proven to be a powerful instrument for healing, mindfulness, and expression. Sitting down in a quiet space with a notebook or tablet, you allow yourself to indulge in listening in your own stream of consciousness, your desires, and your concerns. Journaling becomes an hour of play, of venting, and catharsis before you tackle the never-ending checklist of your day-to-day. But what do you do when you want to connect this...

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Every day is a ferocious fight to pursue my passions: love of writing and of course food (you remember the whole bull-fighting thing).  Of course some days are more ferocious than others, but I try my best to be child-like and full of dreams to keep myself young and yet still maintain a sense of realism when it comes to paying the bills and smart investing.  I certainly don't want to talk about those things right now either; it always reminds me of...

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