Grab your tribe: Tickets now on sale for Fashion with a Passion 2018!

The wait is over! Tickets are on sale NOW and we have more than enough reasons why this will be the best year yet. He's back... Nick Verreos will be returning for Fashion with a Passion 2018! Presented by the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Nick will be showcasing his latest designs on the Fashion with a Passion runway. Here is Nick with partner, David Paul, posing with their stunning NIKOLAKI designs and wish child Jazmyn at last year's event. 3 more...

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just a little basic pizza

Deep dish lovers step aside, step up thin crust devourers.  Basic is the East Village no-brainer when you just want food, drink, and a good time.  At least it is when you work across the street from it.  The menu isn't overly complicated unless you make it that way.  There is one salad.  There's one red pie, one white pie, and the option for cheese.  Nothing too exciting right?  This short list is then followed by twenty-four topping selections, which you...

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just a little hair-did

Thursday has finally come and the reason for me being very relieved and excited is that I am going to my hairstylist.  FINALLY my bangs which I have not even been able to sneak in a trim on the weekends for, will be out of eyes without the help of a dastardly bobby pin.  Afterward, I will be prancing around like a little girl and maybe when I wake up on Friday morning I won't feel so at a loss...

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