just a little bite…of everything

Decisions, decisions.  My very lovely co-worker brought in doughnuts the other day and in an office dominated by the female persuasion, doughnuts incites ooos, ahhhs,  ohhh mys --basically the who repertoire of sounds that men only dream of being the cause of. After perusing the possibilities, another co-worker of mine shared how she loves to just have a bite of her husband's doughnut so that she can have a taste of more than one.  Her husband, on the other hand,...

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just little women

I'm just a little piece at 5 feet tall which is just fine by me however it does make me a little more inclined to be curvy (well, curvy compared to tall, thin and rail-like) because of my stature.  Unfortunately, I wasn't endowed on top as well as I am on the bottom but that's karma for you.  Apparently running around with triple D bras on your head in department stores when you are little leaves you a member of...

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  Today is a very important day.  Not really but I want to congratulate myself so bear with the corniness.  Let's start over. Today is a very important day.  Today, I broke the threshold of 1000 viewers/readers for my little piece of world here on WordPress.  Wanted to thank everyone for continuing to read and check in with me.  I think this deserves a little chocolate...

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