What to Bring to the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival & SommCon

San Diego Beer Week may have just wrapped up but the annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival has taken over the city this week. The Grand Tasting is unfolding across the Embarcadero on Saturday but there are plenty of intimate opportunities to let your inner foodie shine including educational classes and seminars hosted by the festival’s sister event–SommCon. SommCon is an industry-led convention with exclusive events for industry professionals as well as open-to-public tastings. While it may be evident to don your elastic waistbands, here are just a few tips from a SDBWFF veteran:

  • Pack snacks: Dried fruit, nuts, a granola bar, etc. It may be counter-intuitive to bring food to a food festival event, however many of the SommCon wine tastings or SDBWFF beer events have limited to no-eats. And when while this may be one of the few times a drink is acceptable at 10 AM on a weekday, you don’t want to ruin your time with an upset stomach.
  • A hands-free sack: For the Grand Tasting, they’ll be plenty of bags to grab and carry off any discovered restaurant and chef info, but when you have a cocktail in one hand and a standard tote in the other, things can get messy. I recommend a cross-body bag of some sort that keeps all your personals and goodies out of your hands and out-of-the-way.
  • Business cards: If you’re in the industry, conduct a lot of meetings at various restaurants, love networking, nothing gets people talking quite like food and a good drink.
  • Uber/Lyft: Even if you’re going to keep away from the sauce (but why would you do that at an event like this??), taking a ride to the various events is the best way to keep your experience fun, light, safe, and stress-free.
  • Water: Almost all events have water but sometimes you won’t want to go hunting for it. Better to bring a bottle and make sure you stay hydrated. San Diego is beautiful this time of the year and with temperatures in the mid-80s, you don’t want to suffer from dehydration with all the great wineries pouring.

Would love to see you there! I’ll be at the Grand Tasting Saturday and the Pizzapalooza on Sunday. Let me know which events you are looking forward to!